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Vox VGH AC30

Vox VGH AC30 Guitar Headphones With Effects
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Phonic XP 6000

Phonic XP 6000 Power Amplifier 2180 Watt @4Ohm
R 27 995,00

Lane LH16-LD40XT

Lane LH16-LD40XT 16'' Horn With 40Watt Driver
R 1 200,00 R 1 000,00

Lane LH20-LD 100XT

Lane LD 100XT 20'' Horn With 100W Driver
R 1 695,00 R 1 495,00

Lane LH18-LD 80XT

Lane LD 80XT 18''Horn With 80Watt Driver
R 1 495,00 R 1 295,00

Lane LM 3009M

Lane LM 3009M 45Watt Megaphone With Siren And Whistle
R 2 200,00 R 1 750,00

lane LM 3007WSD

lane LM 3007WSD 25W Megaphone With 12V DC Car Cable Plug,Siren
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Lane LM1501B

Lane LM1501B 15 Watt Power Megaphone With Siren And Recording Function
R 595,00 R 495,00

Lane LM 1002B

Lane LM 1002B 10 Watt Power Megaphone Siren And Recording Function
R 450,00 R 395,00

Samson Q7X

Samson Q7X Dynamic Vocal Microphone
R 850,00


AKG P3 S Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Mic
R 1 150,00 R 895,00

Wharfedale Titan AX15

Wharfedale Titan AX15 15" Powered Speaker
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