Brass & Wind Instruments

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Karsect GB1

Karsect GB1 Wireless Guitar System
R 1 995.00

Zeff Piccolo

Zeff Piccolo Student Grade Piccolo
R 2 995.00

Yamaha YRA-314B

Yamaha YRA-314B Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering
R 895.00

Yamaha YRA-302B II

Yamaha YRA-302B II Alto Recorder
R 480.00

Yamaha YRA-28B II

Yamaha YRA-28B II Alto Recorder
R 320.00

STR Saxophone Stand

STR Saxophone Stand Foldable Tenor & Alto Saxophone Stand
R 350.00

Hohner MS Series PRO HARP

HOHNER MS Series PRO HARP Hamonica Available In C and G
R 1 100.00

Hohner HAC007

HOHNER HAC007 Harmonica Holder
Call for pricing

Zeff Trumpet Gloss Blue

Zeff Trumpet Gloss Blue 3 Valve Bb
R 2 795.00

Zeff Trumpet Gloss Purple

Zeff Trumpet Gloss Purple 3 Valve Bb
R 2 795.00

Vogga VSTS701N Tenor Saxophone

Vogga VSTS701N Lacquer Tenor Saxophone
R 11 000.00 R 9 995.00

Sonor Trumpet

Sonor STR-865 Nickel & Lacquer Bb Trumpet
R 3 295.00