Car Audio Level Upgrades

Level 1

Car Radio

Upgrading Your Radio With Appropriate ISO Harnesses, Aerial Adapters & Fascia Plate (Trim Plate) Allows You To Improve Your Audio, Get The Features That You Want & Add Better Speakers At A Later Stage

Level 2


Upgrading Your Door Speakers Is A Great Way Of Improving Your Vehicles Audio Quality

Level 3


Adding An Amplifier Can Truly Step Up Your System, Allowing You To Get Stronger Speakers And Even Add A Subwoofer To Your System

Level 4


Stepping Up Your System From What Seems Stock, To A Clean (Or Loud) System Comes To A Close With The Final Level, Being A Subwoofer. This Step Will Truly Bring Your System To Life, Adding The Much Beloved Low Frequency To Your Setup



Sound Deadening, Whether In Level 1 or 5, Can Make a Difference To Your System, Taking Away Road Noise, Engine Noise And Other Outside Distractions, Whilst Simultaneously Keeping All Your Great Audio Upgrades Inside Your Vehicle And Helping To Amplify It.


All ‘Level Upgrades’ Are of the opinion of SBR Pro Sound

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